2007-01-03 - 2:15 p.m.

So Merry and Happy and all those things I'm meant to say at this time of year.

I've had a little more than a week off and even though it was supposed to be hectic holiday time off I am pleased to report that it was much more restful and pleasant than my so called vacation a few months ago.

I needed that.

I spent much time on the sofa reading and staring blankly at the tv. Huzzah!

I read a bunch of stuff but the most notable were two Nick Hornby books. "Long Way Down" was a somewhat strange choice given that it's about a group of strangers who meet on new years eve when they each come to the same rooftop to throw themselves off. It's an oddly uplifting novel, not in that, 'Oh let's not kill ourselves, surely the world is a better place with us' Jimmy Stewart way you might think, but still, it was lovely and I'd reccomend it.

The second Hornby was "How to Be Good" which I found to be horribly depressing. Don't read this if you're depressed. Don't read it if you're looking for an escape from your daily grind. His language is beautiful, his writing spot on, the book is engaging but good grief I was wondering if those other folks were still on the roof from the last book because I thought I might join them.

While things have been closed down around here I've had some visitors. You see, the main campus shuts down the electricity but they can't do that in my building because of our fish and shellfish. One of the professors who keeps bearded dragons in his office asked if he could keep them here for a bit over Christmas break and I happily agreed so meet my new office mates:

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I love Sydney

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he's badass.

He likes to scuffle with his reflection in the glass and sometimes with the large image of a bearded dragon which his owner has affixed to the back of the tank. Anastasia treats the photo like a poster of Shaun Cassidy. I caught her licking it the other day.

I also have a new personal assistant. Wendi hooked me up with him for Christmas and I KNOW Brock is going to be jealous because he's a ROBOT.


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The best, no?

Speaking of Wendiloo here she is trying to cheat at Totally 80's Trivial Pursuit.

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For the record I did NOT make that brightly colored afghan in the background, but I did finish this over the week:

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It's for Boob's baby, the Boobette who is due in March.

Wendi was working her creative juices over the break as well, look at the cute Santa cake she made:

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I can't report on how it tasted because it was for Christmas at her family's place but it sure is adorable isn't it?

So I'm back, and I'm looking for a new crochet project. I promised I'd make Anna some clothes but I can't find the right weight baby yarn for my pattern. Bah.

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