2006-11-01 - 1:09 p.m.

CBS is my new best friend. CBS.com more specifically.

I taped NCIS last night and watched Dancing with the Stars (more on that in a moment), which I really only half watched because I was both reading a book and crocheting some stuff (more on that in a moment too).

I waited to watch NCIS at work because I knew that Dobie would have missed last night's episode seeing as how it was Halloween and he has two little ones at home.

We got our lunches hot, I had the tape rewound, we sat down to watch and...flip...flip...jump...

dead tape.

Ah but all is not lost right? Because I KNOW you can watch the most recent eps of some CBS stuff online free. Of course those things NEVER work for me when I want them to the most but what the heck, lets give it a shot.

We did, and it worked divinely.

It was overall a decent episode but I enjoyed it especially because A.

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Gibbs has a whole lotta HOT going on right now. Whoever finally talked him out of the damn marine haircut should get a Nobel Peace Prize or something.

Also great about that episode was the always stunning Pauley P. who was in costume as Marilyn Monroe:

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While I enjoyed the two boys drooling all over her I had worries that they may not have a Gibbs/Abby interaction that acknowledged her superhotness but alas I worried for nothing because this is NOT a Bruckheimer frustration production but instead is a work of pure Belisario genius. You can't blame me for worried though, all those years of being jerked around with the Grissom/Sara thing was like wearing one of those collars that electroshock a dog everytime it expresses glee.

Sigh…I’m so spoiled this season sexy Gibbs, a return to the hot Grissom of yesteryear, Jay Manuel holding babies and half naked on America’s next top model…of course Fox as always has to crush my high by putting Standoff up against NCIS…bad bad move Fox. I do love Ron but he’s no match for Gibbs.

Speaking, as we were only moments ago, of Jay Manuel and ANTM I’m thrilled to report that he will be HOSTING the next cycle of Canada’s Next Top Model- including according to him having pajama parties with the girls. I’m so applying for this show. He said they’re really encouraging plus size models to apply because they’d like to have more than one plus size girl. It does say the age limit is 20 something but I’m sure when they see my 5’1” frame they’ll drop that age limit entirely and cast me immediately.

Seriously though? I need to start cultivating some Canadian friends with dvr’s because there is NO way I can miss this and while so far You Tube has been a constant source of ANTM and CNTM contentment I just cannot trust that some random person will preserve all the Jay yumminess.

I said we’d get back to Dancing With the Stars and here we are. Back.

I hate to be a predictable fan-girl. I normally fall for the weird guy that no one understands but when it comes to boys who can dance I’m such a sucker. I knew before they even shot the first episode that by the end of the season my heart would be pitter pattering every time Mario Lopez danced and I was right.

Mario in general is not my kind of guy, and I know some people are pretty anti-Mario but I’m sorry the boy can move and that’s really all it takes for me. I’m a simple girl.

My favorite dance of his to date was last night’s Waltz which was such a departure from his strong latin stuff. Check it out…


I swear I’m going to marry You Tube.

Now back to the crocheting business. Boobs (the original) is having a baby in March so I’ve been crocheting little things for it here and there. I strongly encouraged her to have a girl because I have extra pink baby yarn and some really cute girly patterns but I had the feeling it would be a boy. She wanted a boy. Her husband wanted a boy. Her stepson wanted a boy.

They had the ultrasound today.

I win.

As usual.

So I’ll be spinning my way with lots of pinky fluffy girly yarn for the next few months!

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