2006-09-21 - 4:31 a.m.

This morning on my drive into work I was listening to the talk radio station I frequently listen to when I donít want to be left alone with the thoughts in my head.

I came in when the host was reading an article from I believe the Boston Globe, though I could be wrong, about ďblogging/bloggersĒ. I was surprised at the venom with which he spoke. He, and his cohost called people who write blogs (political, personal, sports and other) ďwannabesĒ. They couldnít understand why people would want to write things online and why others would want to read them. What could we possibly have to say?

I found this so offensive and shortsighted. In the very first place the radio station he works for would have no content if it werenít for people wanting to express opinions in a public forum. Beyond that this particular host was an editorial writer for a local paper who, if I recall correctly, made a nice living writing columns based primarily on his opinion. He complained, joked, shook his finger at things and overall did what most people do in their blogs. Only most people donít get paid for their blogs, and he got paid for his musings. I guess that makes them more worthy somehow. I remember some of his columns; they were better than many blogs Iíve read, but not as good as some.

I force myself to get past the absolute ego involved in thinking that he and his cronyís are the only ones with anything important to say (and itís tough to get past considering most days his show consists of nothing but talk about baseball averages and where the best diners are in Worcester). The fact that he doesnít understand where an audience for a blog comes from boggles my mind. Heís made a living on the audience for a blog. Even if he hadnít, has he not noticed the success of people who have written columns and books based on their experiences? Laurie Notaro, David Sedaris, Anderson Cooper (I refer to his monthly submission to Details Magazine)- all of these people and countless others profit from sharing insights and experiences. Of COURSE there is an audience.

Yet according to this particular radio host and his sidekick those of us who do the same thing for free, on the Internet are just ďlooking for attentionĒ.

Iíll give you that. If Iím going to put my thoughts and ideas online I probably am looking for some attention for them, otherwise Iíd write them in a journal or keep them in my head. I donít know that Iím looking for as much attention as someone who has spent his entire career looking for newspaper, radio, television and book deals like the host of the show I was listening to, but sure, Iíd like a little attention. Shoot me.

Okay, I know that was long and all but since I havenít been around for a few days I have some other stuff to share.

Aunt Emmaís oncology appointment was quick and happy. Friday it did NOT rain so yay that. Wendiloo and I had an easy commute into the Museum of Science and truly enjoyed the Body Worlds exhibit. I think Wendi may have liked it more that I did, though I did like it. Wendi deals more with human muscle so seeing the human stuff was exciting for her. She has also done a few cadaver labs but I donít think sheís had the up close and personal time with internal organs that I have so that part was particularly exciting for her but a little old hat for me.

The weekend was a blur. I had to come pick up some work on Sunday because I took Monday off to take Ketos in for x-rays (thanks everyone for the good thoughts directed at him, please keep them up, weíre not out of the woods yet). His back is worse so he couldnít jump up into the car. Heís been living in the basement since last week because itís impossible to get him up and down the stairs to get into the house. Heís so used to being with us that it breaks my heart to hear him cry when Iím not down there with him.

I was in a panic about how to get him to the vet but they sent someone out to pick him up (actually and figuratively). They examined him and took blood, ruled out Lyme disease as well as some other stuff and then planned on taking x-rays only for that they would have to anesthetize him and between the blood work and the x-ray a receptionist gave him a fist full of treats. The vet wanted me to bring him back the next day.

Uh. No.

He came here specifically for x-rays TODAY. Your tech had to come get him because I canít get him into the car. Contrary to popular belief I cannot take EVERY day off of work to give money to the vets. Anyway we ended up agreeing that heíd spend the night so that he could have his x-rays in the morning. This meant that I had to run home and get his meds as well as his bedding and blankets because we canít have my baby at a sleep away without his comforts from home.

I was seriously concerned about his being anesthetized because he tends to react quickly to anything meant to knock him out so I had a rough night of worry.

Tuesday I came to work (where we STILL have no internet or phones, since last Sunday thank you very much). I held off until noon and then called the vetís office to see if he had finished his x-rays and come out of the anesthesia. He had. A little while later the vet called me to let me know that his x-rays were normal. She thinks it is either just a sore back (pinched nerve, a touch of sciatica or similar) which will go away with her prescribed strict rest and pain killers, or a sign of something more serious going on with his spine (slipped disc, mass on spine etc) that would require an MRI, PET or other stuff to find and then pretty invasive surgeries to correct.

Iím praying real hard that itís something that will clear up soon. I canít put him through, and canít afford to be honest a bunch of back surgery. If he gets worse instead of better I will have to put him down. It will be a very difficult decision but I have to start preparing myself for it.

Iíve thought enough about that for now.

More fun topics, sort of.

The Amazing Race started Sunday night. Itís too early to have much of an opinion of the contestants I think. I donít hate the people I thought Iíd hate yet so thatís interesting.

I might be getting soft in my old age because Iíve always said that if there was an eating challenge Iíd do it no problem, I donít really see the problem with shoveling in whatever nasty thing they throw at you and swallowing without thinking but I have to admit those eyeballs stopped me a little short. I mean, ew. Iíd most likely still eat them, but ew.

Monday night Supernanny came back. I love that show which is kind of strange because I donít like children in general and I have a very very low tolerance for ill behaved children in specific. The fact that I ADORE watching a show that focuses on brats kind of baffles me.

Last night was of course the season premiere of NCIS. I taped it so I could sit in the basement with my puppy and watched it at lunch today. My reaction is mixed. I deeply enjoyed ďMexico GibbsĒ in shorts and scruff and a sunburn. Deeply. Enjoyed.


Sigh. My main issue with CSI last season was building up angst over years and years between Grissom and Sara and making it impossible for them to get together and then to finally throw them together and rob us of the moments that make something like that worth it. It contains zero impact to say, oh, theyíve been together for awhile, we just didnít tell you. Guess what, the only reason for them to be together at all is to bring the viewer the excitement of it because they exist solely for our pleasure. It is this same issue I take with the season opener of NCIS.

Shippiness aside the writers have hit us over the head time and again with the special friendship for lack of a better term between Gibbs and Abby. I am disappointed to my core to have been cheated out of Abby realizing Gibbs was there, out of a moment when she saw him walk in. Anything. They build up how much she needs him with photos of him on her monitors, her speaking to his image but then completely leave out her reaction to the reality of him in the room. Talk about taking something that could have impact and watching it fizzle.

You donít get all that many chances for moments that will take your breath away in a script, why are you ignoring the ones that practically write themselves?

Thatís it. I havenít watched Stand Off from last night yet. I love Ron but the show hasnít really grabbed me yet. I wanted it to but so farÖmeh.

Tonight a new season begins of Americaís Next Top Model. My excitement is beyond measure. Actually I want to be excited but Iím kind of too tired.

Oh and finally? That vacation I was talking about? Yeah, clearly the pooch isnít going to be able to travel quite yet so another year, another no vacation. Not that Iím complaining much Iíd still rather have my little furry boy than any vacation.

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