2006-09-11 - 12:47 p.m.

If I had to pick only one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be this:

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I don't think you can understand exactly how much I love those things. The only problem with them is that if you eat one you're still hungry but if you eat two you're stuffed.

Of course I'd miss chocolate, but hey, I can always drink chocolate milk or hot chocolate right? Because I didn't commit myself to only one drink for the rest of my life. Just the one food.

I went for weeks on end just eating those and a little homemade pasta salad for lunch every day. I got really sick of the pasta salad after awhile even though I'd vary what I put in it each time, but I never got sick of that chicken.

In other news Ketos isn't feeling too great. Actually he appears to be feeling fine, except that he has some sort of phantom pain that I can't pinpoint.

He screams when he turns a certain way or tries to catch a toy, which he's done in the past. Which is why we put him on medication for his arthritis. The Cosequin has been a Godsend and he's been fine as long as we've kept him on four pills a day.

In the past few days though, even with the Cosequin he's been having pain and saturday he decided that he can't climb the stairs to get in and out of my house.

Every entrance to my house has stairs so this is bad news. He has trouble getting into bed and doesn't want to sleep there anyway, he seems to prefer the floor.

If he's still bad on thursday I may have to bring him to the vet, an expense I don't really have the money to deal with right now. I'm trying not to freak out in advance about what they might say.

So please keep a good thought for my little boy, and for my poor mom who has to try to shlep him in and out on her own when I'm not home.

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