2006-08-29 - 3:05 p.m.

So I was over at VIXEN on the edge where I get my fangirl itch scratched (this is not to be confused with the super cool and actual Vixen from my comments section the keeper of the RadioVixen blog which I'd link to if I could remember how to do it and hadn't lost my cheat sheet but seriously go click on her name in yesterdays comments and check her out cause her blog is actually entertaining, unlike this rambling.

Uh, so Yeah. I was over at VIXEN on the edge getting my daily dose of Benji and the Evil Doctor Delicious and she had done a thing she got from somewhere else which is basically this (which I obviously thought sounded like a fun thing to do):

Twenty Five Characters I Wish Were Real

1. These are meant to be in no specific order except these first two or three. Number One is absolutley number one and if you can't guess it then you haven't been paying attention: Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS. Bet you thought I forgot about him over the summer. You thought SO WRONG. I'd go over the reasons why but I think we covered that last spring. If you don't remember feel free to ask I'd be happy to talk about him until we're all sick to our tummies.

2. Sara Sidle- CSI. I actually typed Sara Sidle NCIS first and then had to go back. I so wish her character would leave Las Vegas and join the navy so she could be on a good show. Any rate, I could totally fall in love with Sara Sidle, she's my kind of woman.

3. Abby Sciuto- NCIS I don't think this needs explanation. Abby and I would totally hang out.

4. I'm struggling here because I'm so angry at him and I'm not sure why but I do still wish Gil Grissom was real. I'd have some home truths to share with him right about now, but boy I could have really had some good times with Gil in the past few years.

5. Lloyd Dobbler- Say Anything If I have to explain this to you I have absolutely no way to relate to you.

6. Joe Hardy – Hardy Boys as played by Shaun Cassidy This is a total shout out to the 10 year old me cause I would have totally run off with him.

7. B.J. McKay- BJ and the Bear, When I was about 12 I guess I was so ready to run off with a trucker and his monkey.

8. Nick Charles-The Thin Man I could so be his Nora.

9. Jason Morgan- General Hospital because if I could make that happen I’d never have to give Wendiloo another gift as long as I live.

10. Shego- Kim Possible, but only if I get to BE her.

11. Batman- but only as played by Michael Keaton. SIGH.

12. and 13. Twofer because these two would be best to hang out with together: Jack and Karen from Will and Grace.

14. James P. Sullivan – AKA Sully Monsters Inc. I can’t tell you how deeply I fell in love with this furry guy. DEEPLY.

15. Dr. Ross- er Because how dreamy was Clooney then?

16. Chris Stevens…uh, the radio guy on Northern Exposure because he was just so chill remember?

17. Any character Cary Grant every played because how great would it be to just have that super suave guy around?

18. This is way harder than you think, mostly because I watch so much reality tv so the people I would like to hang out with are actually real, they just don’t want to hang out in my living room watching reality tv and crocheting dog afghans. Erm…I’m stalling… oooooooh you know who I have a weird crush on that would be fun to be real? Niles Crane from Frasier.

19. Vera Charles from Mame because you can never have too many party girls.

20. I just realized that I could include book characters which should make this much easier so I’m starting with my dream book guy Benton Wesley from Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta books.

21. Ranger from Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum books.

22. and 23. Lurch and Thing from The Addams Family

24. Dory from Finding Nemo so I could keep Ellen in a bowl on my desk.

25. Happy Bunny, cause he’d be my main man.

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