2006-08-23 - 2:09 p.m.

Guess what I did yesterday.

No, go ahead guess.

You, in the back?

Oh, no, I didn't sleep until after noon. Well, okay, I did but that wasn't what I was talking about.

What I did was carve a pumpkin.

No need to check the calendar, the date was Aug. 22 and I carved a pumpkin. Well, I opened a pumpkin.

Then I scooped out all of it's tasty tasty seeds then I carved the thing into chunks for my neighbor who eats pumpkin.

I only bought it for the seeds you see. I have a serious pumpkin seed addiction and those silly store bought pumpkin seed shaped salt pellets are NOT CUTTING IT so I'm probaby going to buy a minipumpkin a week until they're all gone.

I also crocheted for around 8 hours. It's amazing how much time I spend on stuff, I never really noticed.

I've almost finished the second baby blanket and then I'm off that blanket for awhile, I'm sick of the pattern.

Watched Big Brother last night and I've started dreaming about the Evil Dr. Will.

Plus I started thinking about how much I wish I could sit down with Erika after the game is over and tell her some home truths about having even the smallest amount of self esteem.

I love that Will wants to build Janie into a better robot doll or some such. BUILD ME WILL.

Seriously, that boy is a genius among pond scum.

There is no reality in tonight's teevee schedule for me...what the heck am I gonna do now?

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