2006-08-21 - 1:16 p.m.

Wow it's been busy around here. Let's see...updates:

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Benji won So You Think You Can Dance

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And celebrated by proposing to me, but I had to say no, he's just too young.

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He was pretty upset because he already had his outfit ready.


Anyway...Benji did win so YAY him. Even though Travis was amazing and I do feel for his fans.

In other photographic news I finished the sweater for my student:

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And now I'm making another of the baby blanket's with a hood for another student's niece.

I should have been smarter about cost when I started this I guess because I'm ending up charging less than I'm paying for the yarn but as usual things I start off hoping to make money ends up costing money.


Something happened at work this morning that's stuck in my craw so I'm going to share it with y'all.

When I came in the KOI (aka my boss) was in the lobby talking to Dobie (my coworker) and one of the guys from facilities. This particular facilities guy is a good guy, he's a worker bee, one of the guys who shows up for work in boots and coveralls, not one of the facilities guys who comes in in a tie and talks a bunch.

We happened to be waiting for a visit from a state representative who has promised to come to the lab a number of times for various meetings and canceled or rescheduled nearly every time and almost always at the last minute.

When the State Rep showed up he came in a door one room away from where the conversation was taking place. He had a clear view of everyone and was easily making his way after a quick wave of acknowledgement toward the group.

The KOI however IMMEDIATELY dismissed the facilities guy mid sentence with a barely uttered, "Excuse me" to run over to the Rep.

The KOI has always been like this. He always shows up and talks the loudest when a politician or high ranking college official shows up. When there's actual work to be done you'll find him any place else. Or, if we force him to be here you can find him, without exception, standing to the side of the work, surveying us all with his hands placed firmly at his hips.

It makes me crazy.

I've worked with rich people, I've worked with "important people" (no one is more important than anyone else in my view but I think you know what I mean) and the people who are the most successful are almost always the ones who would have stayed talking to the facilities guy in his overalls and then introduced him to the State Rep before excusing them both to their prearranged meeting.

Pandering makes me need to vomit.

Oh, on a lighter and less graphic note...

I need help. I'm looking for one of those fabric covered photoboard things, y'know with the ribbons to display cards and pictures and junk? I want it in the shape of a lizard.

Anyone know of anywhere I might get something like this?

I have a bunch of students graduating this May and I'm trying to start early to put together some sort of photo/scrapbook type thing for each of them. One is a big Lizard lover so I thought it would be a cute idea.

I'm flat outta things to talk about.

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