2006-08-15 - 2:32 p.m.

I feel pretty bad for the people that work with me. Well, some of them anyway.

On the upside whenever I'm so motivated they get to spend a little extra time at lunch or the end of the day watching movies.

The downside is that the movies they get to watch are entirely up to my whims.

Last week we had Drag Tuesday. We watched Girls Will Be Girls and Hediwig and the Angry Inch.

Today is Dance Tuesday, only it got tempered a bit because we watched Pieces of April first. None of us knew anything about the movie except that it had Sean Hayes and the android formally known as Katie Holmes in it.

It was really an excellent movie and Katie is much more talented than I expected even though most of the movie all she had to do was stare out through heavily lined eyes.

Then we watched the begining of Sat. Night Fever which was a choice influenced by one of the summer students who it's best for me to not talk about for too long because even though he's legal and all it's still probably not cool to be having these thoughts...

I also rented "Strictly Ballroom" which we haven't watched yet and I might save for thursday when I'm in mourning over So You THink You Can Dance being finished.

I've liked BEnji and Donyelle from the begining but in the past few weeks I've developed a little crush on Benji. It's not hard to figure out, he's a total dork boy which we know I adore:

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Anyway, after he wins wednsday night I won't be seeing him anymore because even though I'd pretty much sell my left leg to go to the live show when it comes to the Wang Center in October I just need to be smarter with my money.

So thursday I'll console my wounded self with Ballroom dance movies and balm my spirit until the next big crush comes my way. I'm guessing that'll happen by friday when Wendiloo and i go to see the new dance movie.

Oh, hey, I have a new student working here and I think she's gonna work out well. For instance her name is Jamie, only I don't really like that name and so I decided sort of arbitrarily that instead of calling her "New Girl" like I did all last week I'm calling her Heidi now.

Some people might have issues with this but Heidi? Came to work today with her hair in pigtails. That's right. We might just put Heidi in the keeper pile.

OH! Also? I sold my first crochet stuff today. I made this baby blanket thing that has a hood on the end so you can wrap the baby up nice:

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I brought it to work to take it's picture and what do you know one of my students asked me how much it was. He has a month old neice that he hasn't bought any gifts for and loved the blanket for her. I told him he could have it but he insisted so I told him $5.00 because I would have made him one for free. I told him I'm making a sweater at home right now for a new born and it should be done tonight so if he wants to wait I'd throw that in too. He insisted on giving me more money for the set, wanted to give me $15.00 but he's a student for goodness sake and one of my favorites so I told him give me $7.00 and call it a day.

I'm just so happy to have sold something!!!!

I think that's all of my excitement for today. I'm taking tomorrow off to take my mom, her brother and her sister for a two and a half hour drive out to a religious shrine. It should actually be a nice quiet calm day...maybe.

Then I'll come home and reward myself with two hours of Benji and Donyelle!

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(Oh, and by the way, I've nabbed those screen caps from random other places on the web...probaby from Vixen who doesn't know me but has made me very very happy lately. If they happen to be yours and you don't want me to use them let me know and I'll happily take them down.)

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