2006-08-08 - 12:27 p.m.

Remember the fun work email from a few days ago? I'm too lazy to link, just go back a couple pages if you missed it. The one about the safety meeting and my ability to not only BELONG but also defend my work place from the uprising of militant poodles...

Well yesterday I got yet another great work email. Here's a portion of it:

Just a reminder, the Industrial Protection Products (I.P.P.) Safety Shoe Mobile will be on campus,

The what now?

The Safety Shoe Mobile.

For serious?

Remember when it used to just be ice cream and library books that pulled up in front of your house?

You gotta wonder what kind of music the Safety Shoe Mobile would play. I'm putting my money on "Safety dance" (earworm! you're welcome)

I don't think I'm gonna make it out to the safety shoe mobile. I think I'm just gonna take a nap with a friend.

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The temptation to fill this entry with lyrics is nearly overwhelming but I'll try to control myself.

The thing is that I've finally buckled down and started writing the thing I've said I wanted to write for years now. I'm writing about my time on the road, from the very begining, the very first meeting.

I'm changing the names even though it's not hard to figure out who's who, and I'm fudging some stuff here and there just to make it flow better so in the end I'm going to call it Fiction(?) but by and large it's a memoir.

I'm trying to call up the memories of how things felt back then, really relive it on the page instead of just listing things as they happened and it's making me quite nostalgic and not just a little lonely for Charley.

I've told him what I'm doing and he calls me from time to time with little things he remembers, for some reason it makes it harder to hear from him. It's so difficult to want to go back to that time and be able to relive some of those things. I think we thought everything was so filled with pressure then but boy, those were the simple times.

Oh if I continue it's going to be lyrics so we'll end today's entry here, with just this...

Got to get you Out Of My Mind
But I can't escape from the feeling
As I try to leave the memory behind
Without you what's left to believe in?

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