2006-07-13 - 11:44 a.m.

If you buy a hamburger at McD*nalds (don't ask why just go with it) it costs .89 cents.

If you buy a cheeseburger in the same place it costs .99 cents.

Is McD*nalds buying their cheese slices from the Pentagon?

Alright, so they have an enormous cheese profit margin right?

But on the DOLLAR menu they have a double cheeseburger. So for an extra penny you can get another entire slab of beef (or whatever) but if you want that slice of cheese you better have your dime at the ready.

What does this say about the qualtiy of the meat vs cheese?

What does it say about me that I'm considering the quality of something from a fast food restaurant at all?

(Let's not examine what it means about me that I noticed all of this while driving through for my BREAKFAST double cheeseburger this morning shall we?)

As long as we're wondering stuff though?
What does it mean that at the age of 40 I have a different shade of blue polish on each of my toenails. Come to that what does it mean that at the age of 40 I own enough shades of blue polish that I am ABLE to have a different shade on each of my toenails?

Oh, and we're still not going to talk today about the home project because I didn't do anything other than the predicted couch potato'ing last night.

HOWEVER I do want to say that I'm annoyed with the new "last week first" format on So You Think You Can Dance, and also that I was completley blown away by Ivan last night. I've like him since the begining but just because he was funny to watch. Last night he was fantastic.

I still want Benji or Donyelle to win.

OH! Can we talk about the choreography last night?

Benji and Donyelle's "Broadway" choreography was nothing more than running in circles with your hands in the air. I did more sophisticated choreography for my back yard version of the King & I when I was 9 and I've never had a dance class in my life. (Unless you count learning the Mexican Hat Dance for a third grade show.)

Also, a tip for the people who put the little names of dance styles into the hat for the dancers to pick from?

If none of the three judges can even figure out what a style IS (ie: pop) then it will be impossible not only for them to judge but for the dancers to improve upon bad choreography which appears to be what they had wanted from Ashlee and Dmitry.

In fact it seemed like much of the time the judges are either telling the dancers to either fix bad choreography by adding their own "flavor" or yelling at them for adding too much facial expression to the dance and taking away from the choreography.

In the end it just proves what we've all known all along. Competition judges in most things have the least idea of what's going on.

Big Brother tonight. Wish I cared.

Goose update: She's using the leg even more today and actually was able to fly.

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