2006-07-06 - 12:41 p.m.

I came to the realization last night that my financial situation is getting a little serious (not lose your house/repo your car serious, but gee, I might have to brown bag lunches for the next 8 years serious) and so I started to think about where I overspend.

The main culprits are clothes and books. I really do need at least 2 pair more of shorts to make it through the summer, but that's it clothing wise, if I buy those two pair I won't need any more clothes until...well, indefinately really because other than throwing a sweatshirt over my t-shirts and changing my shorts to my preexisting and VERYCUTE jeans that I already own the rest of the year is the same.

Books on the other hand are a problem. I can't drive by Borders without spending at least $125.00. So I'm off the book store thing for awhile and it's going to KILL me because I've read everything I have a million times. I go through cycles of wanting to read constantly and not being intersted in reading at all. Right now I'm in a constant reading cycle and the only two books I have that I haven't finished suck.

I'm pretty disappointed too because one of them I had high hopes for.

So I can't afford to buy new books, I don't have time to go to the library and the used book store near me has nothing I'm interested in.

Do you know where this leaves me?

Today I had an inspiration. I spend countless hours online reading crap, but when I'm home I want to read in bed, or ahem, other places, that don't lend themselves as well to a laptop. So I decided today to track down all of the junk I'd read in a day online and instead of reading it printing it out to read at home.

Only I'm having trouble finding stuff worth printing. Turns out most of what I read online is crap.

What I would do if I were less lazy is print out all of the Overheard In New York stuff I haven't already read. Only that would mean going back pretty far because I'm well caught up on what people have overheard in New York. And seriously, very few people are funny when they're overheard in the office.

So help me, please. I'm not asking you to donate to my bills (Unless you really feel overwhelmingly pressed to give mastercard some cash) but to tell me where I might find sites with stuff worth printing and reading later.

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