2006-07-03 - 2:56 p.m.

So I have a few beliefs that I've been thinking about lately.

Belief number one is that Ketos should be more famous because he's so handsome.

Belief number two is that I really don't like being so poor.

Belief three is that my dog really likes sleeping under a blanket.

Belief four is that I have some yarn and lots of time in front of the teevee.

So I'm thinking about those things.

See, at first, when people found out I was making an afghan for Richard they said "You should make afghans and sell them."

I have another belief I failed to mention:

People afghans take bloody forever and lots and lots of yarn.

I mean, it would have taken less time if I'd done a design I'm actually good at instead of trying something that I had no idea how to do, plus it would have turned out with way fewer little bits sticking up everywhere, but still, when you compare Richard's afghan to Smiteys, Smitey's wins.

The pet afghan is much faster and easier.

Lots of people out there are making people afghans but I haven't really seen the market flooded with afghans or even, really, blankets for pets.

Now granted, cats will sleep ON the afghan and there are plenty of cat beds out there, but are they hand made? Are they personal? They are not.

But thinking about Ketos and how happy he is to stretch out and snooze in the winter underneath his blanket made me think that this could be the market niche I need.

So I'm going to give it a shot. Ketos' Kozies. Or something. I'll work on the name.

I figure I'll churn a few out, see how they go. I've made bunches already for the shelter, why not make a few and see if I can sell them.

I'll shop them around the vet's that I take Ketos to, and at Christmas time I'll take them to the Elk's down the street and see about selling them at their Holiday Bazaar. I mean, if I price them right I should be able to convince people to buy them for their freinds pets right?

I haven't seen any online though I did see a pattern for a cat afghan.

I'm going to make a few and see what I can do. It'll probably all be in the pricing.

Oh, and don't worry E-beth, I haven't forgotten that I promised you an orange (gak) afghan, it's just that I don't have the cash right now to buy all I'd need of new yarn so I'm practicing cute stitches with yarn I had on these doggie blankets until I can afford to get the stuff to make you a good one. I"m sure you're in no hurry, the texas heat can't be begging for an afghan.

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