2006-06-01 - 12:42 p.m.

Here's something you won't hear me say every day.

I'm totally in love with my job right now.

I love that we have a million projects going on, I love that it's totally my busiest time and I'm getting a bunch of other projects thrown in my lap.

I don't even want to get online most of the day, I just want to jump from one project to the next and add a little something to each one.

I'm completely enraptured by the sound of the clicking on my keyboard as I enter page upon page of feed rate data for large mouth bass or size data for green crabs.

I feel an amazing sense of pride when I look at the stuff I've put together so far for the meeting of our board of advisors.

I'm taking pictures and organizing information for our annual report.

I bet a couple of you think I'm being sarcastic right now but I'm not.

This summer we have more projects and fewer student helpers than ever and I'm totally giddy with excitement when I get to work in the morning.

I went to sleep at 4AM this morning (I started Season Three of NCIS-KILL ARI baby!) and got up at 8 but I'm not at all tired today.

How much fun is it to love your job?

I even had an enjoyable and productive phone conversation with the KOI today. Picture it!

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