2006-05-19 - 1:42 p.m.

My thoughts about the long awaited and much anticipated revelation on last nights CSI.

I've gone through a range of emotions about this and here's where I ended up:

First it's really good to be a GSR shipper today because after 6 years of having to listen to the Snickers and the whateverthe hell people who ship Cat and Gris call themselves (we just call them delusional) we can finally say nyah nyah na nyah nyah

In a way that's almost enough.

We knew all along what should be going on. It was hard to trust the writers who have been so eratic to follow what worked the best but in the end it was undeniable that these two characters belonged in each others lives.

The way that they did it?

At first I was really angry. To have lived through the angst and not have any resolution about how it finally came to be felt like a slap in the face.

I blamed the writers for not being able to stand up for the relationship and say, look, we had 5 seasons of Catherine's drama, you're all gonna have to suck it while we deal with Grissom and Sara's.

Then I blamed the writers for not being able to find an acceptable way for Grissom to reconcile the things that have kept them apart all this time.

And then I felt superior because we fanfic writers keep writing the scene when the show writers get to say, tease and CUT.

After awhile though I thought about what made me love the ship, and what made me hate Catherine and I realized, this was the absolute perfect thing.

Well, it will be perfect if some day we get glimpses into what changed Grissom's mind. That's all we need. We don't need the first kiss, we don't need the first sex, we don't need to see them getting hot and heavy.

Brief moments of them at peace and together is exactly the right way for this to go.

So yes, I'm pleased.

I was even more pleased with the short bit of them having the duel with the cameras than I was with the final scene because I will forever enjoy the playful side they bring out in one another.

Imagine, CSI did something right (and Bravo for not taking my Brass away).

I will say this though, the photo that we were all searching so hard? Way more of a spoiler for next season than the obvious spoiler for Brass' shooting.

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