2006-04-26 - 2:23 p.m.

Geek much?

I figured out today while changing my desktop to the sailboat pixelbee (seriously, pixelbee drawings make the best desktops. He should charge for these thingsÖwell, he should charge other people for them) I started hitting buttons that some of you geeks probably already know about.

My favorite button? Would be the one that turns all the things that used to be white or gray to black. Thatís right kids. My computer went goth.

I can have it type all the words in red, which just makes me happy to think about, but instead I chose white because while I do enjoy seeing my personal junk in red itís a little disturbing to be creating spreadsheets and letters to shellfish clients in red. Dunno why.

My psuedoboss, the mythical KOI (who has been blessedly absent of late) will be running around the lab on Tuesday, should be a hoot when he turns on the computer and finds everything in black. Bet he likes the Pixelbee though.

Iím once again typing todayís entry in Word because I once again have no Internet. Itís been weeks since all the phone/net trouble and itís not even raining. I think it might be an evil plot. You see I was particularly interested in getting online today for two reasons:

Reason 1. Iím trying to stick my head in the sand about some health issues which may or may not be serious, Iíll know when Iím dead because Iím not going to the doctor. These issues have been weighing heavily on my mind at nearly all times. The exceptions being when I am playing online and when I am watchingÖ

Reason 2. NCIS. Last nightís episode kicked so much ass I donít even know where to begin. Let me just share (I typed shave and nearly left it) with you non tv or non NCIS types the best line in the first 5 minutes:

ďNo, we asked for the room with the squirrel eviscerations.Ē

And it got BETTER from there.

If I were in the mood to nit pick I could, there were certainly things there that made my more realistic side say, WTF, but this episode was so good that I did the thing that I almost never do. I told my analytical side to SHUT THE F UP!

I want my own Gibbs. Iíve had my own Grissom and it was lovely but I really really want my own Gibbs. I want a man who will walk up to some guy who was bad to me and tell him, ďThe only reason you can still walk is that I just found out about you.Ē


I was disappointed that he didnít kick anyonething or punch any faces walls but still, the scene in the elevator when he sits on the floor with her?


She BROKE HIS BOAT and he didnít even raise an eyebrow. This is love.

I do realize all the psychological things it says about me that Iím so enticed by Gibbs and his relationship with Abby. I get what that says about what I want and how that sits with who I used to think I was but I donít care. I donít think any woman who was honest with herself would say she wouldnít want that, because in the end, his protective nature toward her and his willingness to be vulnerable only with her comes from a place of respect and not that he doesnít believe her to be strong and capable.

Whatever, Iím getting a little more deep here than you care about, the point is, I want my own Gibbs. You all have a week. And if you canít manage that, Iíd really like a tazer.
Or you could just threaten people for me. I love that.

Nothing says love like a good beating of a bad ex.

Hmmm, I donít know that I have any exís that need beating. Usually they just wind up dead.

I have ex friends that it would be fun to watch you threaten.

Yíknow, if you loved me.

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