2006-04-24 - 11:53 a.m.

Two things about my weekend:

Thing 1 is that E-beth is smoking hot!!!! She is the sexiest bitch I've ever had on my phone screen.

Thing 2 is that I have a huge new bag of yarn (who knew yarn could make someone so happy?). I started an afghan for Crate a little while ago but ran out of the yarn I was using. I finally got another paycheck that wasn't all spent on bills before it showed up so I ran off to AC Moore and loaded up on yarn. I celebrated by doing 10 more squares saturday night.

I only did 4 squares last night because I was learning how to use this totally retro beadmaker thingy.

It makes beads out of paper which is so frickin' hippie I can't even stand it.

So I'm making myself a bead curtain to hang in the doorway to my room.

There you have it, the absolute highlights of my weekend.

This week I am looking forward to NCIS so big I can taste it. I'm too excited for this ep in which my beautiful Abby will be stalked. And, um, not by me.

One final thought...why do people wander around buildings they don't belong in whistling loudly? I mean, if you worked here, if you belonged here, it would be one thing, but to come in as an outsider, delivering something, or working on the plumbing or whatnot, SHUTTHEFUCKUP! If you are in a place that is not "your" place, take a minute to judge the vibe around you. Is there loud music? Are people yelling, humming, whistling? Are people working in relative silence? Guess what, the relative silence people? We aren't gonna be thrilled to hear your piercing whistles shrieking through our walls. Dumbass.Go.Home.

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