2006-03-20 - 12:21 p.m.

I promised Crate I'd get better at writing here more frequently again and since I have net access at the moment I'm going to try.

Thing is I have a couple of entries written that I could throw in here, non of them are finished, one is about Barry Mannilow, or rather, it started about Barry and then went off on a long tangent about a girl I knew in Jr. High School. The other is about last weeks America's Next Model You'll Never Hear About After May Except on the TWOP boards, but honestly? Last week wasn't that great.

I mean we found out that the brain dead Gina knows the word karma which kinda blew my mind. We found out that Wendy is "Always thinking about something" which is a step up.

We found out that Wendy "the last time I talked to my family was when they were disappearing under the waves of hurricane Katrina" was talking on the phone to her family and knew exactly where they were so she had to get the boot immediately. No drama, no you darling. I mean, Tyra loves the ugly, but not the smart and the ugly.

We found out that Ms. J. is Ghetto Project Fabulous, which I think we pretty much always knew.

We got to hear the first "twisted" of the season, which is always nice.

Jade has already had her breakdown so she'll be a non-story from here on out.

Tired old Naima came back to prove that even after winning ANTM you can still get a job working the makeup counter at Walgreens.

I was forced to see my beloved Mr. Jay wearing all kindsa clothing instead of his usual next to nakedness.

And even the quote of the week isn't the same unless you can see and hear Tyra when she says it. (Four-four is the place for that fanciness, me, I just yap)

So it was a disappointing week for that. Then there was no Preston on Extreme Home Makeover last night, depressing.

Oh, I don't know if I've told you all but I've started knitting and crocheting. I made a few small (really small) knit dog blankets for the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi but the knitting thing just wasn't for me. I can't do it with just the needles I need the frames and they're so bulky.

Then I decided to crochet. I got a hook and some yarn and made myself a cute little scarf (I should take pictures huh?) and last night I finished a good size blanket for ARF. It's big enough to cover Ketos perfectly.

After I finished the blanked I was going to try making some afghan panels but then I found out that my neighbor's daughter is having a fundraising Penny Sale and kids fair to raise money for her Grandson.

He's 4 and been sick for a little over a year. He's seen all kinds of specialists from all over the country and no one knows what's wrong with him. He's in the hospital now, they've stopped chemo and are looking for something else that might help him. They considered a marrow transplant but he's not strong enough and they don't know if it would help.

Anyway, the family's medical bills are over a million dollars and they have no home. They were building a house when all of this started and now have no way to finish it.

I decided that instead of starting the afghan squares last night I'd make a couple of things for the penny sale so I put together a bunch of bracelets, necklaces and keychains. I'll probably make a few more tonight and deliver them tomorrow night.

I hate making the jewelry. It was a hobby I thought I'd enjoy but it turnes out my fingers are not co-ordinated enough for the tiny little beads and I end up frustrated and annoyed. Still, the stuff came out cute and it was for a good cause.

I'd rather crochet though.

Oh, AND I got my mom's sewing machine fixed last week so she's been sewing away. I've never sewed a thing in my life but it looks pretty easy so I'm probably gonna give that a try in the next few days.

It's strange that I've never even considered the sewing/knittig/crocheting thing before even though I know so many people who do it, but as I get closer to 40 my interests appear to be changing dramatically.

and finally:

The thing foremost on my mind today is a reminder to treat people the way I want to be treated lest God hand me my ass.

A brief explanation.

Someone went out of their way to be snide and mean to me.

I walked quietly away, never letting her know I even noticed.

I found out today she's had a little time of her own with people being snide and mean to her the past few days.

I caught myself smirking and found something else to do.

There's a little part of me left that wanted to be happy that she got knocked down a little bit, but what does that get me?


I remember a time when I would have danced for joy that something unpleasant happened to her and that saddens me.

In the end I feel bad for her.

Oh, and I feel bad for me, because I almost had a happy surprise this weekend but instead I didn't.

So instead of the mushy mush Crate expected to read today he's getting this pot luck entry.

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