2006-03-02 - 12:40 p.m.

My heart sang with joy last night.

You can mock. Oh go on and mock. I know how you love the mocking.

ANTM (America's Next Top Model for you slow folk) had a "special" show to update us on all the junk, er, stuff, er whatever the "models" are doing now.

It's all just foreplay to get us juiced up and ready for Cycle 6 to start next week.


I don't know when it happened but this has become my absolute favorite show on t.v.

CSI darling I'm sorry. We had a good run, but honestly your writing has fallen flat and I'm just not all that interested in the clevage of a wrinkled up slightly past middle aged whore. It's not you, it's me. I'm sure all of middle america is still fascinated by whether Catherine's mommy and daddy will make nice or if her little girl will grow up to turn tricks and get killed by Brass's daughter for stealin her corner.

I just need something more real.

It don't get more real than ANTM.
I mean, everything and everyone on the show is completely fake, but other than that you can't get more real.

Class A, absolute and complete meltdown over an opened box of granola bars? You ain't gonna get that on any other show baby.

Now okay. I'm gonna still watch CSI. And yeah, I'm kinda glad that Amazing Race is back because I like the travel and seeing the couples implode is always fun (oh, and by the way GO NERDS!).

And I'm watching Idol even though I said I wouldn't because it's gonna be fun to see Chris bust pretty boy Ace's ass.

But nothing, NO THING comes close to the overwhelming glee of anticipating Cycle 6.

Oh, and one final thing, Mr.Jay was HOTTT in those previews, don't try to pretend he wasn't.

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