2006-01-26 - 2:46 p.m.

I know I've been completely horrid about writing here lately.

I'm walking a fine line.

Whenever I get depressed I avoid writing here because I don't want to unleash the depression. I try to push it down and not give it a voice, in an attempt to not let it run my life.

We all know how well that works. Push it down, let it fester. Hey cancer, c'mon in!


I haven't slept much lately. I haven't talked to anyone lately. I'm pretty much just living inside my head and waiting for a time when I can just curl up in a ball and disappear.

Hasn't happened yet.

My aunt had good news, she has a 75% chance of staying cancer free for 5 more years. They don't think she needs chemotherapy, so Yay that.

Mom had blood work done. They called to say that her glucose levels are slightly elevated so I get to take her for a curve tomorrow. Gee...didn't I do this exact thing with Ketos almost a year ago?

Only hers are only SLIGHTLY elevated, so I'm holding a good thought...please do the same (praying types are asked for prayers, if you would be so kind).

I have spotty internet service at the moment so I'm even more cut off from everyone, so I hope all is well and I apologize for being a miserable cyber-buddy.

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