2006-01-10 - 11:47 a.m.

Okay, I hate to have to do this because I was doing such a good job just leaving him alone, but honest to pity this boy just always makes me laugh.

Nick Rhodes new years resolutions:

To not count the pixels in people's eyes

Stop pretending to have a 3D Fax machine

To refrain from forging celebrity autographs

Start a collection of photographs of corrupt Dictators' wives

Routinely check that TV Guide is not issuing false information about programme times

Suppress the urge to start mindless conspiracy theories on the internet

Finalize negotiations on the creation of a new Robotic species to provide alternative light entertainment for those addicted to Reality TV

Reinstate a mandatory sentence (including commas and semi colons) for each potential Presidential candidate

Accept that forestry is not a growing industry

Go shopping for some string and a torch tomorrow

It's that stream of consciousness, no need to make sense, somehow it will anyway, brilliance that I'm so attracted to in him, and in anyone with whom I can be fully present.

Happy New Year Nick.

Let's try not to make each other miserable in 2006, how's that for a resolution?

Can I also just say how much I love it, like irrational amount of loving it, when Charley says the words "again and again and again." I wish I could explain how amusing and sexy and ultimately CHARLEY I find that.

Anyway, the truly good news is that I believe there will be a little time stolen away this week for Charley and I. Time I'd put off because so much was going on, and I'm glad I did because now I can fully appreciate and enjoy his company.

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