2005-12-19 - 3:50 p.m.

Some people blow my mind.

We've talked before about the most boring boy in the world.

MBBitW and I haven't talked for awhile, I missed his birthday, didn't call him or even send a card.

He just popped up on my instant messanger which I haven't been putting on because I barely have the patience/interest to deal with the stuff I have to, let alone all the people who will want to chat.

Today I put it on in hopes of seeing Wendiloo online because I haven't talked to her in just short of forever and wanted to check in.

Of course everyone else known to man was online as well and now the bottom of my screen is lighting up with that stupid orange bar...


Shut up.

So one of the people lighting up my bottom bar at the moment is boringboy.

Our conversation:

boringboy (3:41:25 PM): Hey oomm

OOMM (3:41:31 PM): Hey you, merry christmas

boringboy (3:42:15 PM): marry christmas to you too

oomm(3:42:31 PM): thanks

boringboy (3:42:56 PM): I have your book and I am going to be sending to RV and he will sign and have the others sign it too

oomm (3:43:30 PM): Yay!!!! Thank you.

oomm (3:43:56 PM): Things here have been miserable. I haven't hardly shopped, I just put the tree up last night but there's no decorations on it...it's not been a good season

boringboy (3:44:06 PM): (oomm's favorite drag queen) is on AOL
oomm (3:44:18 PM): cool

oomm (3:44:32 PM): she wouldn't know me, but tell her I said hi anyway

boringboy (3:44:45 PM): (drag queens screenname)

oomm (3:45:04 PM): I wouldn't know what to say, it's not like we're friends.

boringboy (3:47:08 PM): yeah but I thought that you might like to have it

oomm (3:47:30 PM): so I can' stalk/scare her?

boringboy (3:49:09 PM): well he is the one that I am going to send it too and be in charge of things he just told me that he has been clean and sober for some time

oomm (3:49:29 PM): wow, good for him!

borningboy (3:49:45 PM): that is what I said

boringboy (3:50:44 PM): he didn't have much time to chat right now because he has a drag meeting at the bar

oomm (3:51:26 PM): drag meeting...I can only imagine.

boringboy (3:51:34 PM): yeah
boringboy (3:52:09 PM): my mom has a nasty sounding cold rightnow

boringboy (3:53:03 PM): My parents had a nice time the 2 weeks there were here.

oomm(3:53:25 PM): that's too bad about your mom's cold, I'm glad they had a good time.

Are you kidding?

Didn't even ask why things have been miserable. Just goes on and on about some drag queen I met for 5 seconds many years ago.


No interest.


This is why I avoid contact with humans.

Well, it's one of the reasons.

If I had the energy I'd tell you all the horror stories of my aunt's "skilled care" she's recieving that left the cleaning lady to find her bleeding all over the place.

Alas, I don't have the energy but I do have the following good news:

My aunt is being released tomorrow.


So thank you all for the prayers etc.

and Richard, please forgive me, your birthday present is still sitting in my room, and your christmas present is at this moment, non-existant but I'll make it up to you I promise.

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