2005-11-16 - 12:52 p.m.

The green crabs are taking over my life.

We had the biggest green crab haul of the year (and maybe in the history if this project) this morning so I'll most likely not be around a lot today, but fear not, I'll be thinking of you.

In fact as Dobie and I were doing them this morning I was also making a list of people that need to be included in the Cast of Characters page that I promise will be up at some point.

If there is anyone you can think of that I talk about and needs explanation please feel free to request that they be included.

Also, I checked my oil this afternoon adn do you know what? There isn't much in there and what there was in there was STUCK TO THE STICK, like black fudge.

That can't be good.

Dobie has to take off to get his daughter in a little while and when he does I'm gonna go get my oil changed I think.

I'm also gonna spend a couple minutes throwing some quotes over in Pop Trash (link to the left, I'm lazy today) so check those out.

We don't have comments over there (not that I saw) but feel free to leave notes (I turned them on this morning, or last night or something) if you have something you'd like added or a comment about a quote.

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