2005-11-04 - 1:07 p.m.

I think I need a nap.

I went to bed "early" last night. I was in bed by 1:25 AM.

Driving to work this morning I noticed that my feet were warmer and more comfortable than usual.

I was wearing my slippers.


I'm working on a new story, triggered by something Charley sent me in an email.

While I really want to discuss the thing that he said and go on at length about it, I'm trying to harness all of it into this story.

For the first time I'm going to try to keep my trap shut about what I'm writing.

Kind of.

I did ask for advise at one forum I belong to, but not so much storyline advise as...well, I'm writing in a genre that I do not read, so I needed some guidence.

Other than that I'm really gonna try to not talk about it and see if all the energy can be channelled into the story.

Oh, and why does my pepsi taste like metal?


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