2005-10-12 - 5:38 p.m.

I'm all a squiggle.

If I had more time I'd fill this entry with links to the places where I've talked about him before but instead I'll just hope you remember cause I can't go back and tell you all about him but remember Mark?

Lord help me I have no idea if I gave him a nickname, but he's the one that bought me the tea which was just the most important thing in the world.

Anyway, he was trying to get me online, only my internet died, like it always does, and so I called him, which I never do.

We chatted, we flirted, no big deal, same old same old. He invited me to his house tonight, I said I can't (I could but not dressed like this thank you very much).

We flirted some more. He made sure to mention that he doesn't have a girlfriend and hasn't had one for some time.

I mentioned that I don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend either. We continued flirting.

He flirted in a way he knows I find especially irresistable and I called his bluff a little bit. He didn't retreat. So I called his bluff a bunch...I'll spare you the graphic details but here's the part that got me to squiggle...

him: "...but that wouldn't be punishment. That would be sex. Or love. Or a relationship."

me: "oh, right. Didn't we make a pact or something many years ago that we weren't gonna go there with one another?"

him: "I think we need to make a new pact-that one's not working for us."


Now mind you nothing will likely come of it.

He's too perfect for me. I hate to admit it but I've always been a little afraid of him because we feel so right together.

Getting what I want is wayyyy to much for me. Better I should just be happy with the wanting.

We'll see though.

He did promise to take a picture of his nekkid ass and send it to me along with a darwin fish he's promised me for about a year.

We'll see.

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