2005-10-07 - 3:24 p.m.

Third entry of the day and I'm getting ready to jump out of my skin!

I've been trying to keep my ears open to any skuttlebutt about Extreme Home Makeover being in the area because I know they were looking for a house to do in the Greater Boston Area...

Today I find out that on the news last night a bunch of people spotted Ty Pennington chatting with the Red Sox in the background at FENWAY.

That's right suckas. Pennington is in Boston.

So here's the thing, CRATE (or kdnfaovnroinqoi gfqvpihfiuqhguwnvui rhvguiwqry24 yt89374t98-2v683 ut0g g- whichever you prefer) I know you're not so much with the pop culture so let me give you a photo to work from:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you see the male in this picture (the one our left, without the shirt and with the low hanging pants) anywhere in the Boston area I want you to remember how much you love me (okay, you don't love me, but pretend, just for a little while that you do love me) and realize what an amazing gift it would be to bring him to me, or to just hand him your cellphone and make him talk to me, or just steal a lock of his hair...whatever....

oh sigh.

E-beth, why aren't you in Boston? The great ab hunt of 2005 would be SO ON!

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