2005-09-30 - 12:41 p.m.

Dear Headache-
You are not funny.

Work was supposed to calm down today. Because the BIG PROJECT that I've been busting my ass on was due yesterday.

Only the evil Dr. doesn't see it that way (deadlines are but mere suggestions in his hands) and so today he wants to add a bunch of nitpicky but technically near impossible things.

He was supposed to NOT BE HERE TODAY.

Plus we have Dr. Useless, the professor who doesn't understand the smallest principle that he teaches doing his biannual lab here, which means it's going to be an afternoon of :

"OOMM- why does that thermometer say that it's 27 degrees when I set it at 25 degrees?"

"OOMM- do you know how much of this chemical my students are supposed to use for this lab that I've taught for 16 years in a row now but don't really understand?"

"OOMM- I have to go potty...where's my ass?"

Traditionally I take the day he comes in off so I don't end up in the slam for murder one, but today I couldn't stay away because Mae would be here with my Anderson tape.

My one student for the afternoon called in because he had to get his car inspected...bullchit.

So I'll have Dr. Useless and Dr. Evil both all over me to do their stupid shit all afternoon.


AND I woke up with a fierce headache. You know those fun migraney ones where if you turn your head a millimeter to either side your eyes explode all over the walls and it takes forever to wash it all off?

Plus it's all stupid sunny out, but at least it's cold. It's gonna get steadily warmer. WTF? Does mother nature not own a calendar? Because if we go from 80 degrees to 6 feet of snow I'm gonna be pissed. Fall is the only reason I don't shoot her ass in the first place.

I'm so hungry lately. It's like I can't get enough food into me. Only during the daytime though. Weird huh?

So CSI last night...best line happened early when the traffic guy says about Grissom, "Why's he leaving?" and Sara says "Weeeeelllll, that's kinda what he does."


But can we talk about the half screen wipe? For Krimenies sake...(oooh, that made me want a Krispy Kreme, even though I've never had one) it's not like that half screen thing is some great new technology. We used to do it all the time back in broadcasting school.

So, okay, maybe they thought it would get the point across, (it was, in the end, pointless) but it's overuse got obtrusive and annoying.

Why don't they ever ask me to watch these things first so they don't embarass themselves?

Oh, and I forgot to say, America's Next Top Model? How much more do I love Kim now that she's making fun of everyone?

someone bring her to me.

And why is the ugliest chick in the competition winning everything? What the hell is that about?

Hey E-beth I started that book last night. I'm pretty excited about it, but is he gonna stay all descriptivey through the whole thing? Cause I hate that. I don't need to know about the shade of the shadow of the mountain on a blade of grass blowing in the wind in Kenya. I promise.

It's why I finally stopped reading Anne Rice (well, that and the fact that she finally just about confessed that she thought she was so much better than God and you know how Oprah hates it when anyone says they're better than her) was her need to describe every paint chip in New Orleans.


Anderson will be back in New York on monday. I'm kinda disappointed, I thought he'd head to Asia, I hear they have a hell of a storm heading their way.

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