2005-09-29 - 1:21 p.m.

Dodgy at best.

Bagel bites.

I bought the 6 pack because I thought taking the 9 pack to work for lunch would look bad. Not that I doubted for a second that I could eat all 9.

I guess I wasn't really thinking about the word "Bites"

Two things.

It's right there in the name, these are gonna bite.

Second thing, they mean bite.

They don't mean bagel so much, more like a small bit of round, wet bread.

And The pizza topping? I guess if you took it to a lab there may be some pizza like molecules clinging to the blob of bread.

What I'm trying to say here is that lunch has been a disappointment.

Work has been insane and everything is breaking and going wrong and I have so much to do...

There is however one piece of truly groundbreaking news.

The washing machine I bought over a year ago is now functioning.

That's right.

My clothes are clean and I didn't have to face any scary laundrymat killer people to get them that way.


Oh and if you went and read that Anderson article and liked it? There are more.

Go to cnn.com and search Anderson on their site. It leads to many of his other articles.

The one about going gray is pretty good...they're all good. He's an excellent writer, aside from being the "Flood Stud" and the "Anchor in the storm" (bet he hates those titles).

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