2005-09-19 - 1:36 p.m.


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(that is courtesy of nohairforoil at live journal who makes really cute avatars)

I completely forgot that last, wednsday I think it was, I found a bunch of cute young Anderson Cooper pics online (well, all sorts of cute Anderson pics actually) and promised E-beth that I'd post them so she could see them.

So here you go babe.

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Did they seriously think he was gonna grow up straight? I think Gloria was ahead of her time. I think she knew some day it was going to be very "in" to have a homo son.

How eles would you explain bringing boys up like this:
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Too. Much . Gingham. Makes. Boys. Like. Boys. Write it down.

Oh, and just in the event that didn't do it, here boys lets all climb into mommy pink bed and have our photos done.
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I guess at some point she decided to go for more of a Partridge Family there.
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There were actually far more photos of Carter and Andy in very Partridge Family outfits but I just couldn't bring myself to save them.

This one I like just for the hair:
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And one of Anderson now, if he learned one thing from mommy it was that he is SEXY and he knows how to strut it.
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You just know in that photo he's thinking "Nothing comes between me and my Swan Logo Gloria Vanderbilt jeans baby...nothing."

Bet everybody but E-beth is all kinds of sick of Anderson by now. It's okay. Hey, what do the REST of you want to talk about?

Angry Wet Carnies who are trying to honor the fact that it's Talk Like A Pirate Day? (Crate thought I forgot just cause I didn't say arrrrg matey one time).

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