2005-09-16 - 2:14 p.m.

I had planned to redo the visuals here this week but I never got around to it. I had planned on disiplining myself into writing at least one Creative Writing piece each day this week and I haven't done that either.

Blame Anderson and those who support me in my Anderlust.

I did begin a creative writing thing starring Anderson.

I watched every piece of video including Anderson on the CNN site.

I watched his Jeopardy interview.

I found a few websites as obsessed with Anderson as I am.

I read every anderson cooper transcript available.

I watched Season One of the Mole on my PC.

I talked one of my students into starting to tape him every night starting tonight.

Oh, and I downloaded (legally thank you very much) a bunch of INXS and Belinda Carlisle songs that I'm sick of only having on vinyl or cassette.

So, you know, I've obviously been incredibly productive.

Wait- I also did work. Yeah, real work. AND got some Christmas shopping done, AND er...I know there was something else, oh yeah, and I talked to everyone in the free world on instant messenger which I've been avoiding.

AND...oh, and this one is big for those of you who know me IRL...I finally let David (Florida David, not any of the other random David's) catch me online and agreed to answer the phone if he called me right then. I know, I know...

So I talk to David, who, in case you don't know, is the single most boring human being on the planet.

This boy invited me to Florida, paid for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about my trip and then didn't speak 3 words to me the entire week I was there because there ARE NO WORDS IN HIS HEAD.

The amazing thing is that he will call occasionally for me and get my mother and talk her ear off.

Anyway, I talked to him and somehow we get on politics (he brought us there, I wouldn't have trusted him to be able to spell politics).

As you can probably guess from the facts (gay guy with no brain cells of his own) he's a democrate and a liberal. He's blaming Bush for everything including his ingrown toenail.

I say to him...David, look, lets just not do this, because it can only go one of two ways, either at the end of this conversation you see the light and agree with me that your side is a vast collection of morons who are eating a party line, OR I lose what tiny shred of respect I pretend to have for you and just move on to flat out hating you.

Either way it's not good. If you come over to my side my side will eat you alive because we use logic and big words (no I didn't say that, I said that his whole community down there would mock him and make him cry) and if you don't I honest to God won't even be able to pretend to like you anymore.

He pressed on. So I gave a half hearted attempt at giving him rebuttle to his accusations but it's so useless to do that because even the most intelligent democrat has little use for facts and logic but instead refer to urban legand and emotion, but with David...well, it's much like trying to discuss Mahler with a mosquito.

I gave up around the time he said "We have no business fighting in Ir...Ir...Irania or wherever the hell we are."

Yeah. The liberals can have him. We don't want him on our side.

It was at that point that I just said, "David, I'm hanging up, it's for the best."

And I did.

But still, an entire conversation. This is the most words he's said since I met him 12 years ago.

Um, I'd love to tell you more about my exciting week, but I just remembered someone said there was video of Anderson on some random cable show...

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