2005-08-18 - 2:13 p.m.

I love when stuff like this happens.

A couple of years ago Dobie started doing part of my job. It was never clear to me why, he's not the type to crave more power, or to want to show that he can do everything. He probably just thought it was easier to do it himself. I was irritated by it at the time and told him so, we talked about it and decided that he should keep doing it, because what the hell, it leaves me more time for stuff I gotta do.

Earlier this year our boss told me that he hates it when Dobie does this part of my job because Dobie does a lousy job of it. He thought Dobie was doing it because I just didn't want to or because Dobie and I weren't speaking and Dobie was afraid to ask me to do it. I told him Dobie and I had talked about it and decided he could do his own and I'd do my own, but I'd go back to doing Dobie's if it was a problem. Boss said, I don't care, do it whatever way, you're just better at it.

Just now Dobie came into my office saying how much he hates doing it. Whining about how hard it is and it's such a hassle and it takes all day and he feels like he accomplishes nothing. It was totally him giving me the opportunity to say, "Well, it is MY job, I told you I'd do it."

What did I say?

"I hear ya man, it sucks. Glad I finished all of mine last week."


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