2005-08-09 - 1:09 p.m.

Want to know something really really wrong?

I bought a bag of lollipops at the dollar store the other day and stuck them in my office.

I've eaten two of them. they're pretty good. I bought them because they have swirls of color on them and it reminded me of when I managed a Fashion Slug and was obsessed with perhaps the dorkiest guy in america' Alan, who worked at the bank. I would flirt with him relentlessly and being a dork he had no way of dealing with me so he developed a very sophisticated manor of flirting back, he would give my sales girls the solid lollipops but would save the swirly ones for me.

So I bought them and they're in my office and one of my students just came in and ate one.

he stood in the doorway to my office and I was sniffing...these lollipops smell exactly like cats in formalin.

I'm just saying.

Now there's a big chemical discussion in the hall about whether cold water or hot water boils faster.

It's a fascinating sort of day round these parts.

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