2005-06-27 - 1:00 p.m.

Life is cruel.

Remember when I told you, I think I told you, that I got that really sweet Journey's Greatest Hits double cd really cheap because it was ticketed as the wrong cd?

Karma man.

I have a cd case that is like a large loose leaf binder with soft sides. I NEVER take a "page" out and bring it anywhere, I always leave everything in and heave the entire thing around. I was bragging the other day how I toss it around everywhere and it never comes apart.

The next day it started falling apart.

I made myself a bunch of Bo Bice cd's with mostly Bo stuff on them but a few things mixed in that I "wish" he'd sing. I had those in the same sleeve as the Journey 2 discs and my Air Supply cd (shut up, if they're good enough for Brad Pitt they're good enough for me).

I can't currently spend 24 hours without hearing Bo's voice so I took the sleeve of Bo etc. out of the holder and brought it into the house so I could listen to Bo when I go to bed.

This was a few weekends ago.

I knew I'd hate myself if I forgot the Bo cd's at home so I made certain to bring them with me monday when I started out for work. Only something went wrong. They never made it back into the CD holder and now the entire sleeve is missing.

The Bo stuff is no loss because I have it saved to every concievable computer and can make copies whenever I want, the Air Supply, well sure I'd love to have that back, but the JOURNEY? That hurts.

I'm CRAVING Journey. I'm being BAITED by Journey. Last night I'm watching reruns of Just Shoot Me at 1:30 in the morning and whatever ugly girl with the too big teeth's name is on the show is pushing a Journey cd at everyone and they're all going around saying, "Oh, Wheel in the Sky..blah blah blah" and whatnot...SO MEAN!

Then I'm driving to work this morning and scanning around the dial and I hear the VERY end of TWO Journey songs.

I need my Journey!

So here's the thing. You can help. (I'm mostly looking at you E-BETH, but anyone is welcome) You love me right? Anybody have Journey on their computer? Anybody feel like spending a minute uploading a few Journey songs (or an album) to YouSEndIt.com for me?

Uh, if that's legal. It's legal right?

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