2005-06-20 - 1:42 p.m.

My car has a charming new attribute that the dealer forgot to tell me about when he sold it to me.

Apparently after giving me moderately good service (it has no pickup, and I sorta hate it) for a year my car's special feature has kicked in.

When I back out of my driveway (and only my driveway) and turn to go right (and only right) my car stalls when I shift from Reverse to Drive.

It's nifty.

Yesterday it did it when I had old folks in the car and we were nearly hit by a teal blue taxi that came over the hill by my house doing about 120 miles an hour.

Uh, were was the cop that pulled me over last week?

I'll tell you where he was. He was NOT looking a the hole.

You know how I ranted awhile back (if your new here, don't worry, you'll catch right up with this one) about how detail cops are never watching the traffic, but are instead apparently getting paid to look into the hole being dug by the street crew guys?

Well. I found out why.

Last week on my street a little ways down from the lovely cop who pulled me over and let Wendiloo fly by there was a construction crew digging up the road because it's spring and all of the plowing jobs have dried up.

They were digging an impressive size hole because it was in the shade and if they had dug a moderately sized hole they would have moved on to a more sunny and hot spot to dig. Also it was right in front of a nursing home so I'm sure it was super annoying to the residents...BONUS.

Well one of the dump trucks that I'm just guessing here, but probably was coming to cart some of the dirt from the impressive sized hole instead drove directly into the impressive sized hole.


Completely in. Not hanging over the edge, just plumb in the hole. Big ole truck.

So now you know. That's why the cops are gettin paid to look in the hole. They gotta make sure those truck drivers have their seatbelts on.

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