2005-06-16 - 2:24 p.m.

So ahhhh...


Ketos is better. Not 100% but better. He played last night. He was all mad at me for not throwing his ball all over the room and letting him run for it but he'd just eaten and if he throws up we're back to square one. Made me feel a billion times better that he even wanted to play though.

Tonight is our annual noseynelly Advisory Board meeting. This is usually a day that has me uberstressed (I hate people who use uber but there it is) but this time I guess God decided that I had had enough stress lately and decided to make things run smoothly.

Or everything is going to turn to crap at roughly 6:55pm. Meeting's at 7.

I usually get a buzz on before these meetings because it's the only way I can stop myself from screaming...we'll see if I follow through with tradition tonight.

My bet on how many times Annoying Guy will say "What about the children?"


Usually it's more than that, but we're talking about the children alot this year.

Also there's this. One of my students brought her son to work today (I didn't ask why). He's sitting in our classroom playing Here Comes Santa Claus and Good King Wenceswhatshisface on a flute. ( I just spelled that floote...oh what fun I can have when you type right into the little box. Nobody to say, HEY DUMBASS it ain't FLOOTE. )

Seriously. Small child playing xmas songs on floote (I didn't do it on purpose, my brain really thinks it's spelled that way.)

It's June. It's roughly 46 degrees outside. And now this.

Somebody check, there apocalypse signs there right? At least a few?

If Brad calls tell him to check under Bo.

Speaking of Bo...

BoHO news...

The Rolling Stone that hits the stands tomorrow will have a Bo article.

Bo will be on the today show June 20 (next monday morning).

Bo's single will be released next tuesday (go buy it, I'm not burning it for you, support my future husband, I'm high maintenence).

Bo will face the snarling hounds of The View on wed June 22.

That is all.

Over and Out.

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