2005-06-15 - 4:05 a.m.

The power of prayer.

A fair portion of the ungood is on the slightly less ungood, possibly heading toward better but we're still being very cautious.

The thing I was trying to do to make myself feel better about all the ungood is coming together better and all in all things are looking up.

Plus money fell from the sky. Well, not from the sky, but I thought I had gotten about all the money I was due from a certain grant and as it turns out I've only gotten half so the on again off again vegas trip may be on again again if the possibly heading toward better get's good.


Frustrated yet?

Short version. Fighting with someone kicked off a weekend of unhappy and then dog got sicker and maybe heading for the big dirt nap but maybe is on the road to recovery so pray hard.

And to put up with all of it I once again reward you with Pitt:

(oh, and I'm not telling were I found that last one Wendiloo, but you can spend tomorrow looking at some when you get here)

(also, if any of you haven't seen Mr. & Mrs Smith yet, GET THERE)

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