2005-06-08 - 5:39 p.m.

I'm blocked.

I was having these big creative flows and I was channeling them into something you'll never see because it was just really bad teenage girl type rot and goo but it was flowing easily which was rare for these days, and now it's not.

On top of that until this morning I had been having a good will toward men sort of vibe working, I even came real close to agreeing with Brad Pitt about saving the children last night.

Real close. Closer than I've come before.

See, I don't think we need to save the children. We've been saving those damn children over and over since anyone can remember and all they do is grow up and make more mouths they can't feed.

This is not my problem. Oh, they're so motivated to help themselves. Really? Start with not making more babies to live on the street and die of aids. Then come talk to me.

then Crate's thing put me over the edge of feeling surly.

I could rant for days. About two things that annoyed me there, one was the stuff the guy in the link had to say and probably more about the WAY he said it, but secondly was another little thing that's just crawlin up my butt and chompin on my intestines that seems to keep happening whenever I swing by my old friend Crate's diary.

But I won't rant on those things because in the long end of it they aren't worth ranting about.

Instead I'll tell you how I booked our vegas trip last night.

Luxor Hotel Spa Suite.

That's right suckas.

Too bad Bo will have left Vegas 2 weeks before I get there, that hot tub overlooking the vegas skyline at night might have helped him forget that pregnant girlfriend he left at church last sunday.

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