2005-06-02 - 11:39 a.m.

Spring and the smell of newer, lamer reality tv is on the breeze.

Last night, while chatting on my Bo Bice message board (I know, I know) I watched Beauty and the Geek.

Did you watch this?

I wasn't gonna. I swear on Bo's tattoos I wasn't. Then I was rolling around the dial and I saw the host.

Did you watch that train wreck of a show Cupid? I hated everybody on that show but was obsessed with the host Brian MacFayden

So when I rolled past Beauty and the Geek and saw that old Brian (who's not looking as Cupid cute as he used to but I'll still love him) was hosting I had to watch.

The girls are as bad as you'd expect. The guys aren't. They threw ringers in there.
Three of the guys are pretty hot and another is totally geeking it up so that he'll look really good in the end. The last non over geeked, not really hot one is pretty sweet and cute.

Of course like my mom said last night, my dork bar is set pretty low because as each one of them came out I was saying, oooh,he's cute and all and then we realized that I'm a scientist, I work in labs and academia so science geeks and dorks are what surround me pretty much all the time.

I guess for me all these guys seemed like the TV cool version of the dorks I see daily so I thought they weren't all that dorky.

They kicked off one of the hot boys so we'll see what happens. Cause you know I have to watch every single episode now. Damn you Ashton Kutcher. Evil genius.

Then I thought, well, that will conclude the bad reality tv for the evening, I'll just slide over and see what that hilarious King of Queens is up to.

Only on the way over there I tripped over ...I have no idea what it's called, but this stupid ballroom dancing show where real competitive ballroom dancers (and seriously, I mean, what drives someone to do this with their lives?) are paired up with has been celebs to try to teach them to...well, you can guess.

Now I would have passed this by without a thought but Joey McIntyre was on it. And we know I'm in just a really hateful place with Joe right now, so it was exceptionally gratifying to watch him beg for a little attention on tee vee.
Sadly I think he may win the week. Rats.
I mean, it's still humilating for him (or it would be if he were capable of feeling humilation) but it takes some of the sting away when you win the loser competition I think.

After that I was so happy to see that Lost was starting from the begining because I'd never seen it. I started to watch it but then all my message board buddies started talking about paying attention to numbers and looking for clues and I just couldn't take the pressure so I went back to looking at pictures of Bo.

Like the new cover of his cd single.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then I made cd's of Bo's idol performances for some folks who wanted one and then watched the tape I made of him on Regis and Kelly.

Then I ate a crunchie bar because I found a new british import store.

Crunchie bars are the nectar of the gods.

I did drool a little though. A couple of times.

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