2005-05-02 - 10:48 a.m.

It's monday, and this would be entry one.

The Power of Prayer

Yeah, it's starting like a Crate entry.

I've been having real problems with the puppy. So much so that I've been pretty depressed about it.

He is feeling a billion times better but he has a fit when I try to give him his insulin. Twice a day I have an anxiety attack and he has a huge yelping, growling, snarling, biting, thrashing fit.

This is not my dog. My dog has always taken shots like there was a mosquito on his back. And he still does. For everyone but me.

This is a dog who had never snarled or made a motion to bite me in his life. This is a dog who growled so infrequently that when he did it was big news.

Now? Two showings a day.

I've been frustrated and anxious. At the end of my rope. I'm considering hiring someone to come and give him the shots twice a day, not that I can afford that even a little bit, but I can't take much more.

But Richard's been praying. And maybe you've been praying. I know I've been praying (I got a new Saint Anthony Medal and prayer) and mom's been praying and it's starting to get a little better. Oh, last night was a bit of a fuss and I almost didn't bother to give it to him, but yesterday morning and this morning weren't so bad.

So keep praying please. I need a miracle for this to not kill me. The poor thing sees me coming at him and my hands are already shaking, would you want me giving you a needle with shaking hands?

Me neither.

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