2005-04-22 - 12:18 p.m.

Friday April 22 First Entry of the Day

Yeah, so I took yesterday off because I couldn't face anything. I needed a mental health day. Everybody was annoyed with me for not going to work but f'it .

I did learn to sew. Shut up. I didn't really understand the concept. I sewed a hem. No, not with a machine. By hand. It felt very domestic. Like ham.

I actually had to write down what I wanted to talk about because I couldn't remember.
Alzhiemers. No doubt.

That said I can't for the life of me remember what I wanted to say first which I didn't write down because I was going to say it right away, but then stopped to tell you about writing stuff down.

This is your brain without drugs.

Uh, I know I wanted to do this:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com cause I know how my girls like a little Ty in the morning (early afternoon, whatever).


Tell me something you guys, do you like it better when I ramble on for days and hit most of the stuff I want to talk about in one entry, or when I break it up into a couple of entries.

Because me, I'd rather have a bunch of smaller entries that stay focused (?) so you can comment on that thought (I know for me if I read a bunch of stuff in one entry I comment on one thing and forget about the 3 other things I wanted to comment on while I was reading). But then I worry that you might miss an entry thinking that the most recent is the only one for the day. Especially when I'm pitching fastballs.

Does anyone really care?

Probably not but we're inflating my self importance today, k?

Uh, I think today we're gonna go with shorter(?) entries but we'll number them so no one get's lost okay? Okay.

Oh, and Beth, the next entry is pretty much for you so don't miss it. (Not that the rest of you aren't welcome to read it)

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