2005-04-19 - 3:07 p.m.


Last night the Bug called and told me that I was his very first phone call from his brand new apartment. He made sure to tell me how special this makes me.

Uh-huh. Okay.

Then he asked whether I thought I might be free for lunch today because he was blowing off work today for moving and such and wanted to tell me all about his recent trip to the north west.

Okay. This is a little weird but not alot weird. We've had many lunches and dinners over the past few years but normally they're planned well in advance, he's not a seat of your pants kinda guy.

I was oddly excited about it, even though it wasn't really a big deal.

I told him I'd pick him up at his old apartment around 12 because his car would be full of moving crap. I called his cell at 5 of to tell him I was running about 5 minutes behind (yeah, he's a geek which includes punctuality being pretty high on his list of priorities).

This was our phone exchange:

Him: "Hi there!" (eerily cheery)
Me: "Uh, hey."
Him: "You hungry?" (again, really perky. we've had a million meals together, he's never been this perky, he's never asked if I was hungry, it's more like, you ready, where are you?)
Me: "Yeah, but I'm running late, only about 5 minutes."
Him: "Okay, I'll wait for you in the little park. See you there!"

Who the hell is this?

Okay. I finish what I'm doing and leave to meet him.

I should mention I changed outfits 3 times this morning and put on makeup.

I don't put on makeup for anything anymore.

This man has seen me looking like the inside of Michael Moores asshole.

What am I doing?

He hops in the car, can't wait to hear my stories, we interrupt ourselves over and over wanting to tell this story but switching to that one.

He's on fire with the really bad jokes that only geeks think are funny.

I ask which thai place he wants to go to (there are two in town, I believe both are named "The Thai Place" and they are around the corner from one another. ) I know he prefers the new to the old, and really I do too but the parking is much easier at the old one.

He says "whichever is easiest for you". Again, this is unlike, him, not that he's pushy or demanding, he never was, it's just that usually he has an opinion.

I opt for the older, easier parking one and go there. He doesn't balk at all when I nearly hit a car by not being able to decide which road I want to take. Totally my fault and normally he'd have something to say about it but not today.

We arrive at the restaurant, he holds the door open for me as he always does (if a man over 20 doesn't hold a door for me I promise you it is the last time we will walk through the same door). Inside he asks for our table (I always do this). We get to our table and HE HOLDS THE CHAIR OUT FOR ME AND THEN PUSHES IT IN WHEN I SIT.

The last time he did this...I'm not sure he's ever done this. If he did it was WAY back when we very first met and every second we spent together was charged with sexual tension.

We chat until the waitress comes and then HE ORDERS FOR ME.

That's right.

No one has ever ordered for me in my entire life and I know that J and D and pretty much anyone who has ever considered themselves my man at any point is worrying for his safety right now.

Except that I liked it. He ordered the food I would have ordered and a beer that I wouldn't have (a thai beer I hadn't tried and LOVED).

He was charming and sweet and actually excused himself and paid the bill without my ever knowing he did it.

And he looked hot.

Lord help me, it must be spring.

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