2005-04-14 - 12:49 p.m.

Poor Ketos.

He's at the vet right now, having his first circuit testing day. This is where they keep him in a cage all day and then every once in awhile jab a needle in his ear.

Last time I found out they muzzled him.

He's big but he's the most docile dog on the planet.

I told them today that if he tells me he's been muzzled they'll feel the muzzle of my shot gun in their bungholes.

Getting him into the car was again a circus and I have it to look forward to tonight when I pick him up (at 8pm, don't these people know I have important reality tv to watch?)

But the saddest thing is that he's stuck to his diet TO THE LETTER. He is eating this crap ass diet food that they PRESCRIBED FOR WEIGHT LOSS.

I called the Vet to say that I thought that what she told me to feed him per day was too much and she said she knew what she was doing so I fed it to him even though the poor fella would beg me to stop making him eat.

Today, he got on the scale?


That's right kids. He GAINED 3 pounds on his diet.

I say she should let us go back to feedin him jelly beans.


Bo was in the bottom 3. Come on! I mean, okay, that was a weakass version of FreeBird but still, he's BO.

I can't believe more people voted for Scott Savol, the only person in the history of American Idol to make me MUTE HIS PERFOMANCE than for Nadia who kinda kicks ass.

The great thing is that we all know that when it's said and done Nadia and Bo will have record contracts and Scott will end up at the fat farm with Ruben.

CSI ALERT Just so's you know, Sara and Greg end up showering together tonight, and I believe Grissom watches.

Set those vcrs.

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