2005-04-12 - 11:45 a.m.

Oh you guys.

I told you everything sucked and now I have proof.

Consider the following:

Remains found in Tyngsboro
Bones discovered near Greater Lowell Technical High School are human

TYNGSBORO -- Skeletal human remains were discovered Saturday afternoon by two people walking through the woods across Pawtucket Boulevard from the entrance to the Greater Lowell Technical High School.


The grisly find was made by two unidentified individuals who were walking through the woods Saturday around noon, LaGrassa said.

The bones were found in a swath of woods that stretches more than 100 yards from the Merrimack River to Pawtucket Boulevard, just back from a road that allows drivers to turn into the vocational school.


More rubber gloves and an empty container of Polaroid film was also left along the curb on the side of the turnaround area.

This is in my backyard, literally. I have walked Ketos there many times. I have never found so much as a chicken bone.

As if all of that isn't enough the Lowell Sun reports the following:

LaGrassa said police did not maintain a crime scene in the area because the body was found outside, meaning the elements would have destroyed any potential evidence around the bones.

This makes my head explode.

Apparently Ms. LaGrassa of the DA's office knows nothing about forensics.

Uh. Let me suggest a reading list for you Ms. LaGrassa. Start with the complete works of Dr.Henry Lee. If you still think there's no evidence there from the body dump, or murder (we'll never know which because there's no evidence left) in AUGUST then I'm afraid I'll have to have you murdered in the woods.


Also, the puppy wouldn't eat very well this morning and when he finally choked some down and I gave him his shot he cried really loud until I cried.


Oh AND the asshole who I'm busting my ass getting work done for this morning finally responded to my email from friday and yesterday looking for key information and this was his repsonse:


Oh, don't worry. When you get here today it'll be positively freezing.

And by the way?

Don't piss me off cause I'll kill you and leave you in Tyngsboro, I hear there you can leave your name on the body and they won't know how to catch you.

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