2005-04-06 - 12:57 p.m.

Bad day for black sock.

Anyone can tell me what that's from?

I'd be so impressed if you could.

Maybe a little afraid, but impressed.

Anyway, puppy is maybe seriously ill, or maybe just kinda sick, but I have to get him to the vet to find out and I can't get him into the car.

I thought having a husband would make this kinda thing easier but he's not much good for hauling giant beasts into the car when he's off greasing the cat.

Anyway, all of this was way funnier than I feel, and since it wasn't all that funny to start with that's kinda sad.

I seem to not be able to stop crying,but I did learn something.

I went to wipe a tear from my face, you know how you leave this little wet track? Only it wasn't wet. I looked closer in the mirror and found it was a dried stream of salt down my face. I had to actually scratch at it then wet it to remove it.

That's some intense crying isn't it?

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