2005-04-04 - 12:44 p.m.

So lots happened this weekend and I can't wait to tell you all about it but I guess we should start with the most exciting part.

I got married this weekend.

That's right.

Schnookums and I tied a number of knots.

We're really sorry that you weren't invited but it was mostly farmily family and druids. Unless you're a druid you probably were in the pile of invitations that Smitey (my schnookums kitty)threw up on. I think he was a little out of sorts because of all the toast he made before he realized that being the best man (kitty) didn't mean making toast so much as making a toast but by then it was too late.

The ceremony was lovely until the druid perfoming it came to the part where she invoked Aine and started waving torches over the farm family and as everyone knows you don't do that until midsummer so things got a little out of control from there.

You can see a portion of our vows by clicking above at my pet's site (he doesn't like me to call him that, but what the heck).

I'll see if I can't pull some of the other more salient bits out of the transcript for you as well:

"...solemnly undertake it upon myself to shield you from the evil forces of reality television and pop culture in general by being the sole respresentation of said knowledge allowing you the time and freedom to be everything else...vow to grease the kitty to get him into the container should the fleeing ever become imperitive (not sure how I got that one)...start and confine the Cetsamhain bon fire on April 30th (pretty sure the druid threw this one in there) there were others but I'm still drunk from all of whatever the hell the Goddess of Barley and Pigs had in that cauldren.

Kisses to everyone who revels in our joy
~ Fluffy Bunny

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