2005-04-04 - 3:16 p.m.

So other than getting married, here's what happened this weekend.
This is the second entry of the day, if you did not read the wedding entry please go back. If you just read the entry that set this entry up please read this first so you are in sync and then, after reading this, please go back to read about the wedding, unless you already did. Gee I love these little authors notes.

I did cave in and go to see Charley, but only with the understanding that we would stay in a different hotel from the rest of the guys so that I'd be safe from the demonRhodes.

Mixed up with that I had to go to the show to pick up my hotel room key and ran into John which was lovely and Nick which was not, but that was brief and nearly drama free.

I went back to the hotel, skipping the show and fell asleep, which is, y'know probably a good statement about how old I'm getting.

I woke up and it was pretty late and no Charl, but evidence that he had "been home" so I called his cell and he was at the bar with some folks because I had been asleep and apparently crabby about being woken up. He agreed to come up to the room but he got stuck there and by the time he came back up I was back asleep.

Eventually we both managed to be in the room and awake at the same time and it was amazing. It's always amazing to be with him but for the past few years there has always been something sort of overshadowing us, it's difficult to explain all of this so I think I'm going to go with not trying because I'm guessing the only people who care are him and me and even if you do care I don't think I can ever make you fully understand...

That said...we've been trying for sometime now, apart and together to put into words what happens to us when we are in each others presence. It's a very different vibe and no one has ever been able to ignore it, but it's so difficult to explain that we'd pretty much given up.

I got an email from Charl this morning that said alot of stuff. We talked about my sharing it here, to try and help you all (those of you who might care that is) understand a little better.

The parts we decided were suitable for public consumption will follow in the next page.

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