2005-03-24 - 10:37 a.m.

I don't think enough of you realize what a genius Crate is.

First, before I tell you what a genius he is allow me a moment to apologize to him for being a brat yesterday. I was having a rather down day, one of those poor poor me, nobody loves me everybody hates me best go eat some dirt kinda days.

He had put up and interview meme for me (I'll have that up at some point, I swear) and a few others of his loyal readers. I whined that their questions were more personal than mine. He said they weren't, and I caved because I was too depressed to argue about it, but when I look at the questions now....well, I still think they're less personal than the questions the others received, some of em anyway, but they're more like creative writing assignments, which just pushes me to do something very cool.

And I LOVE that he pushes me to write more creatively and to stretch myself and work harder and not be lazy.

I just didn't have it to give yestderday.

Maybe I'll have it today, but that remains to be seen, seeing as how I was doing laundry until quite late and it still hasn't made it into the house. I have 8 bags (gigantic bags) of laundry sitting on my porch at the moment. Please don't go steal it.

Anyway, now on to my point, the aforementioned Crate is a genius.
I don't know how many of you have been graced with a homemade Crate cd but it is truly a work of art. I'm so jealous of the ability to do such things because I'm just too useless for it, but that's so not even the best part.

The best part, and if you've gotten one of these cd's I'm betting he shared this song with you too because our Crate is nothing if not giving, the final song on this cd is simply the best song ever to grace my life.

It's title "My Old, Old Cat has Hair Balls" is slightly misleading but aren't the best things based just a little tiny bit in bait and switch? Oh this song is so perfectly crafted.

So many bands get so bogged down in over production and the like, posing. This is pure. It's like, music extract. Liquid perfection poured all over my ears.

What an incredible gift on a day when I needed it so very much.

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