2005-03-21 - 12:30 p.m.

I have a tip, for all my sisters who are in area where we've frozen our nips off for months now and are damned well ready for some spring.

On your lunch break, or on the way home, but I really think it works better when it's light out, go out, get in your car, find somewhere that you can drive at a decent pace (aka little traffic, no stop signs, no traffic lights), put on the best sing along summer song you know (quick tempos work best but slow work too), blast the heat in your vehicle right at your face, turn down every damned window and GO!

I promise it will feel SO GOOD!

I'd like to thank both Journey and Bon Jovi for making my drive to work that much more spring like this morning, also, I'd like to thank them for giving other morning commuters a chuckle at the crazy chick with her hair blowing in the wind while it was WAY too cold to have the windows down.

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