2005-03-14 - 4:55 p.m.

It's old home days.

I've been chatting via messanger with an old buddy (we haven't known each other long, he's just old), whom I love. I've talked about him in the diary before but I'm not providing links because I may direct him to the diary in a little bit and don't want to make it easy on his ego to find himself.

(insert dirty joke about finding self here)

Any rate, while I'm chatting with him The Bug shows up to ask whether I'm sick or whatnot because I wasn't around most of last week. Silly question since he knows about me and the snow.

While I'm talking to him Tara, the ORIGINAL Tara, not Boobs, not Boobs2, not Slave Girl, but Tara Classic calls to say she's stopping by.

I haven't seen her since Boobs 2's wedding and before that I don't know how long it had been.

So good times are being had by most.

Except that I have all this work to do.

And I have plans wed. afternoon and thursday afternoon and it might snow friday afternoon, when the heck am I gonna get all this work stuff done?

Maybe after the cocktail party.

At which I hope to see many things dangle. Aside from the participles (pals?) May I also say that if you are new here you should definately read my comments, alot of funny happens in my comments. Want proof? Hit the back button and check out the last entry and it's comments.

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