2005-03-10 - 5:31 p.m.

Military boy (my student) just came back from a donut run.

Blame someone for my donut needs today, cough crate cough

This is Military Boy walking in the door with donut bag:

MB:"I hate those guys. You order and they screw it all up so then they're all talking to each other in some other...Portuguese or something and then you throw them attitude and they just throw your change at you."

OOMM: "You got the donut right?"

MB: "I go, Chocolate glazed. They go 'coconut?' Yeah. that's what I said. Coconut. Punk bitch."

OOMM: (with increasing pitch) "But you got the chocolate right?"

MB: "yeah, here, you touch it."

Holds bag open for me to take out donut.

Just a little slice of my day.

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