2005-03-10 - 2:14 p.m.

I dunno.

What is there to say?

I've had a gigantic repsonse to my emailing about the one thing you fantasize about changing about you or your life.

If you didn't get the email and would like to give me an answer feel free to email it or comment below...it's for a project I'm working on.

Other than that...zzzzzz

I did my own fill on my nails because I"m too cheap to pay someone else to do it.

I put up homemade window clings in an effort to stop our lady cardinal from smashing herself against my window.
No idea yet if it will work.

I'm eating a four day old sandwich, acutally, it's five days old, for lunch because I'm too cheap to go buy a new lunch.

I have a meeting this afternoon to put together two power point presentations for one of the growers we work with. I love this guy, and he thinks I'm a genius which helps, the only thing is, his daughter in law aparently knows how to type or something and so he's always saying things like "My daughter in law says we can..."

He doesn't work here, we help him with junk because we like him, we get very little out of it. So y'know, if his daughter in law knows how to do this...

Anyway, I don't actually mind because I love putting together power point presentations.

If only I were awake.

Big surprise on Idol last night I thought (hoped) that Mikaylah the Annoying and Scott the Gigantic were going home but no. Shocking.

Oh, and on America's Next Queen of the Anorexics, I mean Top Model, I'd have so sent Brandy home as an example to all of them. YOu can always send the fat girl (if a toothpick can get fat) home next week.

Also, can I just add, if you're at a seminar or workshop and you are given a comment card or evaluation to fill out, do one of two things:
1. Throw it away
2. Fill it in with something useful and legible.

An example of something I'm working on currently:
Opened up buisness side of things uzop rwh.


The spelling is a nightmare and the lazy hand writing, it's all just long bumps, waves, no letters at all.

Just don't bother people.

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